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LG G6 protective cases have been unveild on Amazon which gives it a more durable and stylish look


LG G6 has been unveiled on Feb. 26 at MWC in Barcelona, Spain. The device will be released in April in U.S several companies have decided to launch the protective covers of the device. The interested customers have a choice of protective covers before the product may come in commercially in the market. LG G6 cover with the model IP67 is durable and super guard against dust and water as well as it gives a stylish look to your phone. All the covers have been designed with easy and stylish and customized look against features of the smartphone like camera, fingerprint scanner, power and volume button.

Following are the LG G6 covers has been introduced by the third party:

  • LK Wallet Flip Cover
  • Ringke Fusion
  • OEAGO Case
  • Spigen Rugged Armor
  • Ringke (Air Prism)

LK Wallet Flip Cover: It is available in multiple colors included it has a dual function of protecting casing as well as works as a wallet. It is made of leather with tear and water resistance with a small TPU shell inside for better protection. The LK Wallet flip is equipped with magnetic closure and stand for movies and games. The price of phone cover is very reasonable in just $9.99.

Ringke Fusion: This LG G6 is in exciting covers like rose gold crystal, ink black, smoky black and super clear. For all those customers who want to see their smartphone eye catching must go for Ringke Fusion Protective Case. This case gives you protection against dust and shock absorption up tp 4 feet. It also gives protection against open ports like charging and headphone jack. The phone case in available at Amazon in $11.99.

OEAGO Case: The casing name gives feature like look but it protective casing in rough and tough use. It is equipped with shock absorption and TPU covering, inner foldable sleeves to enjoy movies. It is highly advisable smartphone cover but will be available on Amazon from March 21.

Spigen Rugged Armor: The signature feature of the phone cover is resistance to shock, carbon fiber loaded with fingerprint resistance. The Spigen Rugged Armor is designed according to the design of the device, although you can order the case in$13.99.

Ringke (Air Prism): It is a stylish cover which gives you smartphone a more modern look like a stylish chick. The main features are resistance against bumps, dust, scratches. easy access to fingerprint scanner and camera. The back of the cover is with great grip to avoid slip from hand, available in very reasonable price just $10.99.


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