With the help of metal and glass procedure, company test that mobile for the scratch but they got success testing it the mobile comes out with scratch less condition that attract many customers but its not only about to grab the customers but also that procedure will increase the durability of that mobile.

lg g604 LG G6 Is Scratch Resist Because Of Premium Metal Body
Image source: LG G6 metal and glass body at its back

LG G6 With Scratch Less Body And Also Help The Wireless Charging

LG is one of leading electronic company in the market. Latest is that LG want to come up with new smartphones for their users so according to that strategy they test their metal and glass body and they showed it online. but not only its scratch less body, LG also used the new wireless charging technology.

Recently it is reported that everybody was ragging from keys coins and pins while they were testing its body but it was scratch less people were so happy from its built-in body. That test assures that if you drop the phone accidentally on a hard surface so i would be safe you won’t lose your phone away.

According to these latest technologies development LG is soon going to be one of the giant tech company in the future and will bring new innovations for their users and will satisfy each demand of the customer.

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