Google tends to keep its apps limited to its own tech products, which is a very conceptual way of product promotion.

For example one can access the very smart feature ‘Google Assistant’ through a Pixel device only.

However, the domain might get extended beyond the exclusive Google moniker to other party as well in the coming months.

Screenshot 25 1 LG G6 to integrate Google Assistant   a start of new partnerships


BusinessKorea reports that the Google Assistant might soon appear on LG’s upcoming flagship device — the G6. This news is important in many ways; LG would be the first other party or OEM to provide Google service to customers. Similarly, Google will also broaden the consumer’s net to include LG users.

This partnership will certainly enhance the joint collaborative confidence between the two giants, as they have already worked together on the Nexus lineup. Most importantly, it will be the most amazing feature of this year.

Screenshot 26 1 LG G6 to integrate Google Assistant   a start of new partnerships


The TechPortal reports that LG is not contented with this inclusion. It is also aiming for other valuable applications those are in any way helpful to excel the business. Thus the company has decided to talk with Amazon to ask for its ‘Alexa’ to integrate into the. The source further tells that LG confirmed shaking hands with the e-commerce giant, Amazon by unveiling an Alexa-powered refrigerator.

Another integration is an initiation of a smartwatch that will have Android Wear 2.0 coupled with voice assistant support.

Critics believe that this exclusivity has ended now, and other Android products have a very logical reason to approach Google for such a partnership. Although, no concrete reason for outsourcing the product has been shared, it is believed that future will reveal more dents in such isolation, probably in other brands as well.

Some are building their own castles. Reportedly, Samsung is working on its own assistant technology called Bixby, which might feature its own


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