High battery life is a component that we as a whole tend to anticipate when buying a flagship cell phone and with LG’s past lineup sending out poor screen-on time results, it was high time that the maker presented a successor that would highlight an optimized UI and additionally a bigger cell underneath its hood to give extended battery life to users. From the most recent rumor, it gives the idea that LG G6 will be giving updates on all fronts.

lg g6 LG G6 battery is speculated to be bigger than previous gen lineup

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Most Recent Rumor States That the LG G6 Is Going to Feature a 3,200mAh Battery

Rumors spreading out of Korea (through ETNews) claims that the cell phone will highlight a 3,200mAh cell underneath the hood. This is precisely the same capacity that is available inside the V20, however remember that specifications on paper don’t really translate into higher performance and effective battery. Software has a significant part in determining that performance and battery life and with LG effectively teasing us that its G6 will be a dependable handset, we certainly have high hopes for it.

androidpit lg g4 vs lg g5 7 w782 LG G6 battery is speculated to be bigger than previous gen lineup

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Different overhauls that we’re looking to from the G6 is that the cell phone will be IP68 certified and offer bolster for wireless charging at the same time. With this entrance security, the G6 will join the same positions as Samsung’s flagships, however you ought to be warned that water damage is most likely not going to be secured under warranty so be very cautious when going near water bodies.

LG G6 battery new report 01 LG G6 battery is speculated to be bigger than previous gen lineup

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There was one other rumor circulating that the handset could be the first from the non-stock Android running phones to highlight Google Assistant, with different rumors saying that it will come running Amazon’s Alexa, or both virtual assistants. Early yesterday, the organization declared that a Quad DAC chip would be available in the G6, taking your cell phone sound experience to the next platform. Generally, we’re expecting an awesome cell phone and we hope that the software has been done well this time yet we’d like to know what you think about the battery limit below.

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