The only sources we have to get the latest news about smartphones are the rumors and leaks. With the help of rumors and leaks, we get some clues about the upcoming technology before its launch. We are sharing some new of it from the hottest leaks about LG new phone LG G6.

The LG G6 is the next phone from the popular LG premium G series. LG is doing the very good job for making smartphones and is very competitive in the smart phone industry. From what we are hearing we can already say that G6 is one of the worth waiting phones.

LG G6 Concept 1 Rumors About LG G6 Specs, Features And Release Date
image source: lgg6info

Specs Of LG G6

  • Expected launch date of LG G6 is 26 February and release date will be in September.
  • Battery capacity 4200 mAh.
  • The camera has many New features like Optical image stabilization plus, Dual LED, geo tagging, facial recognition, 3D front and back camera element, auto laser focus with 7.0 megapixels front camera and 24 Megapixels rear camera.
  • Colors in which LG G6 will come are Black, Blue, Copper, Gold, White.
  • Features like Bendable display, Corning Gorilla Glass 4, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint scanner, retina eye scanner, wireless charging, rapid charging, waterproof, mini projector, stylus are also present.
  • G6 will have Memory 32, 64, and 128 GB internal memory and expandable to 128 GB with dual micro SD cards.
  • Operating System Current Android 7.0 Operating System.

    LG G6 design

  • It will be waterproof.
  • Have a premium, luxurious look with a metal body.
  • Large screen about 5.7 inches with slender bezels.
  • No modular design.
  • The screen will be of 18:9 aspect ratio and apps can be open in square proportions in the same time.
Latest Leaks For LG G6 Being Shown, Here is The Brushed Metal Design For The Device.  
LG G6 Snapdragon 821 2 Rumors About LG G6 Specs, Features And Release Date
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The biggest advantage of the phone is it will have Quad DACC on the phone. It will support FLAC, ALAC, DID and DIFF file formats. Sounds will be more clear than ever, it will remove the ambient noise and distortion up to 50 percent. There is the rumor that for the reliable confirmation of a phone , LG will first release some handset for the testing purpose before releasing it actually. It is called Pre Strategy Recruiting. Now let’s wait for the MVC 2017 where LG is gonna launch its phone.