LG company is using the New technology in their upcoming smartphone LG G6:

If talk about the smartphones and the specification of the smartphones so every user of the smartphones wants the perfect camera of the cell phone, the LG company provides a better quality camera in LG products. So there is no doubt that the LG company providing best camera on their cell phones.

The camera of LG devices is very high pixel camera and has high-resolution video quality and also provides the best software to control the camera in cell phones, so the LG company released the video in which their shows the camera features Of the cell phones.

lg g6 wide angle hero 1000x563 LG company is using the New technology in their upcoming smartphone LG G6
Image Source: pocketnow

The lens of the camera:

Many users of LG smartphone report about the lens of the LG G6 camera. LG company is using the wide angle lens which provides the perfect result of the camera and from this lens we can capture and cover a large amount of area in single image and the large amount of the user wants the wide angle lens in the camera, let me explain in detail for those users who don’t know the effects of the wide angle lens if we talk about the upcoming product of the LG company LG G6, LG company is using wide angle lens in their upcoming smartphone.

Wide angle lens:

LG has installed a wide angle lens camera in their upcoming smartphone LG G6, so the camera can allow you to capture the HD pictures and also the camera cover large area in the picture, The camera also provides more functionalities like zooming out the picture so can cover large area as well as capture the more material in the image. The resolution of this lens is amazing and you can capture high-resolution pictures. The is what the users of LG company were hoping from the LG company, the LG company will provide these feature in their upcoming model of LG 6 smartphone.

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