LG acknowledges a hardware issue in G4, and promises a repair in all the affected handsets.

G4 users have been complaining about its reboot problem. One of the users even posted a letter to the CEO of the company urging him to pay heed to the issue.

Screenshot 11 1 LG acknowledges a hardware issue in G4, promises a repair in all the affected handsets

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The users complained that their phone suddenly reboots and sometimes hangs in the bootloop. It ultimately has to be restarted but of no avail. The glitch apparently seemed to be related with the hardware.

And finally after almost a year, the company heard the public outcry and investigated the problem, when media confronted it.

Reportedly, the company has acknowledged that there is a weak connection between several components of the phone that causes recurrent reboots.

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Official statement addresses the G4 users that they should get their handsets repaired under full warranty from either the shop they had purchased the phone or any LG Service Center. Besides, those customers who have bought their G4 sets from non-carrier retailers must contact the Service Center, as their warranty conditions significantly differ and the company must compensate for the updates and repairs in the terms and conditions.

Importantly, the company apologized for the in convenience the users experienced, and ensured that such issues will not be repeated in future. Since, LG Electronics is committed towards customer ease and comfort with excellent quality products, such incidents would surely be prevented.

via: youtube.com

So those who use LG G4 and are faced with the bootloop issues must get them killed immediately from any of the above mentioned sources. The company also explains the earlier failed attempts of addressing the issues.

Reportedly, they misdiagnosed the problem and replaced certain components that were not directly involved in the glitch. However, thorough investigation revealed other affected areas that were rectified. LG is fully confident that no such unhappy incidents would trouble the LG G4 users.

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