The trend of convertible laptops wasn’t there. Till a company named Lenovo first launched their YOGA series. We have also seen other companies copying what Lenovo has achieved with their low to high end YOGA lineup.

There are a lot of convertible laptops present on the market. But no one buys one to do GPU and CPU intensive tasks on them. Rather a convertible laptop is mostly used for media entertainment. This is where Lenovo comes, as the company have changed what a convertible can do with their new Lenovo YOGA lineup called Lenovo Yoga 720.

lenovo yoga 720 15 Lenovo Yoga 720 A Convertible Gaming Laptop
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This time around Lenovo would be offering a 13 inch screen as well as a 15 inch screen with their new Lenovo Yoga 720. Let’s talk about the 15 inch model first. What’s new about this laptop is its display. Now users would have the option for either choosing a FHD or a 4k display on their YOGA laptop. Aside from that if the 15 inch model is maxed out. You are looking for a laptop that is equipped with a Intel Kaby Lake i7 processor that is running alongside a GTX 1050 graphics card. Yes, finally a convertible laptop is here, that can play some mediocre games and run graphic intensive tasks.

twarren lenovoyoga720 18 Lenovo Yoga 720 A Convertible Gaming Laptop
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There also a finger print sensor beneath the keyboard present on both the models. Aside from that the RAM and Storage is configurable on both the models. But as far as the 13 inch model goes. There is no dedicated GPU option even on the high end model with only support for SSD when it comes to storage. Unlike the 15 inch model that also gives it users an option. Where they can either go for SSD or the conventional HDD. While both the laptops are claimed to last for up to 9 hours.

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lenovo yoga 720 15 2 Lenovo Yoga 720 A Convertible Gaming Laptop
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Lenovo is going to make both the models available in the market till April this year. Where the 13 inch model would cost $860 while the 15 inch model would cost $1100 with a FHD display.