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Lenovo Working On A New Concept Laptop That Comes With A Foldable Display

Lenovo Laptop With A Foldable Display

Display technology has improved quite a lot. Where not only we saw a shift in display resolution but also how we interact with it. The most recent example of which are bendable or foldable displays. What if we can implement the same concept on a laptop? Well Lenovo had something similarly surprising for us at an event called Tech World Transform. Where the company showed off its futuristic laptop concept with a foldable display.

This new laptop from Lenovo is still a concept in the making. But what was great about this laptop was its display and design. Where instead of using a hinge, the display on the laptop can be folded in like a paper or a file. So instead of using a hinge, user will roll down the display instead. What’s interesting about this new concept was the absence of a track-pad. This new concept from Lenovo will only come with two buttons. Including a right and a left click. Lenovo’s signature red pointing was also there on this new concept laptop. According to Lenovo the reason behind removing the track-pad was to use voice commands instead. Meaning users will be navigating this laptop by speaking to it. Aside from that the display will also have support for a Stylus pen.

Being a concept Lenovo didn’t share a lot of details regarding it. Where the company even wasn’t clear about how they will actually achieve it in the future. As the company said they will achieve this display by “new screen technologies” and “advanced materials”. Which isn’t a lot to go with even when it’s still a concept. Whether Lenovo achieves something like this or not. It will still take them a lot of years to come up with a final product.

What do you think about this new concept from Lenovo?


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