Among different tech companies at MWC 2017 this year, Lenovo is one of them. Last year at MWC, Lenovo did amaze us with their affordable Windows 2 in 1 tablet. Its 2017 now and the company is back once again to amaze us, with their new Miix 320. Which is also a 2 in 1 Windows tablet.

slide 0027 Lenovo MiiX 320 A Cheaper Alternative To Surface Book
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What’s special about the new Lenovo Miix 320 is once again its affordability. Lenovo Miix 320 is a combination of both worlds. As the new tablet can also become a laptop if need be. With an attachable keyboard. Just like what Microsoft Surface has.

This time around the new Lenovo Miix 320 is equipped with a 10.1 inch display that support a resolution of 1920 x 1080, Intel Atom X5 processor, 4 GB of configurable RAM and 128 GB storage. Aside from the specs, the new tablet also comes with a better feature than last year. Mainly being the new precision trackpad. If you don’t know precision trackpad is from Microsoft and is considered one of the best out there. Though till now we have only seen it on high end laptops. And to see something like a precision trackpad on a budget oriented tablet, is a treat for everyone.

lenovo miix 320 3 Lenovo MiiX 320 A Cheaper Alternative To Surface Book
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There is no info on the battery size, but Lenovo did say that Miix 320 can have up to 10 hours of battery life. Which is a plus point for such an affordable laptop as well. Aside from that Lenovo will also be offering an LTE model, for those of you who are interested.

Lenovo Miix 320 would feature two colors with a future proof USB Type C port as well. Though for those of you who are interested in the LTE model, would have to wait till April. While the non LTE model would be available in the market till July. Starting price on the Miix 320 tablet would be $199, which is even lower than last year’s model.

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