When it comes to IBM their ThinkPad lineup have always been the best business grade laptops out there. Where the first IBM ThinkPad was launched 25 years back, with a distinctive red TrackPoint pointing stick present on its keyboard. Something that IBM still includes in all their ThinkPad laptops. Looks like IBM now wants to celebrate the success of its ThinkPad lineup by launching a retro version of it. Which will carry its classic design but will comes with high end specs.

Lenovo ThinkPad 25 1506089375 1 12.0 Lenovo Might Be Working On A Retro ThinkPad Laptop To Celebrate Its Anniversary

Being 25 years old now this upcoming special laptop from Lenovo will be known as ThinkPad 25. That in terms of design will be based on the current ThinkPad T470 model. While on the hardware side the ThinkPad 25 is rumored to come equipped with a 14 inch display. That will support a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The rumors also point towards the addition of a 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor. That will be coupled with 16GB RAM and 512GB of SSD storage. Other specs also include a dedicated Nvidia GeForce 940MX GPU and LTE support.

The upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad 25 aside from keeping its classic design does not seem to be missing out on anything. Which includes everything a user needs in this day and age. That includes three USB ports, USB Type-C port, HDMI Port, SD card reader and an Ethernet port as well. Aside from that the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad 25 is also reported to come equipped with a fingerprint scanner and a webcam with Windows Hello support. With the help of which users can log into their ThinkPad 25 via facial recognition.

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Lenovo ThinkPad 25 1506089466 0 3 Lenovo Might Be Working On A Retro ThinkPad Laptop To Celebrate Its Anniversary

We also saw a similar concept back in the day, but it looks like Lenovo is serious about it this time. For now there is no news on when the Lenovo ThinkPad 25 will get announced. But considering its anniversary is next month. Do expect it to get announced somewhere in the month of October.