Lenovo’s child company, ZUK mobile, launched about 2 years ago and was going well in the business but then they decided to acquire the Motorola brand and renamed it as ‘Moto’.

Moto became a limelight series of Lenovo and with the models releasing such as E4 and E4 plus, Lenovo may set a benchmark in the medium range smartphones.

pic 91 Rumors suggest a complete shut down for Lenovos ZUK mobiles   A Weibo post adds life to the rumors
Since after the acquisition of Motorola, ZUK’s future seemed pretty dull as the company also pulled their hands away from the phone and started to focus more on the Moto series. So all these hints point towards a complete shut down of ZUK mobiles and the newly revitalized Moto series will see some major upgrades in the near future.

Weibo’s Post

A famous Chinese social network Weibo shows that the company might be thinking to put brakes to the series of ZUK mobiles which gave us good-looking smartphones of their time like ZUK Z1, ZUK Z2, ZUK 2 Pro, and ZUK Edge. The experts are already expressing their views about the shutdown of the company in just a few weeks. The shutdown is said to be in the favor of Lenovo’s major focus on its successful running businesses and the CEO of ZUK mobile, Chen Xudong is said to now become the head of Lenovo’s PC division. Similarly, the SVP of Lenovo’s mobile business, Mr. Qiao Jian will take the seat of the head of Lenovo Mobile China.

ZUI For Upcoming Lenovo Mobiles

%name Rumors suggest a complete shut down for Lenovos ZUK mobiles   A Weibo post adds life to the rumors

Lenovo’s Vice President Alex Chen Yu reportedly posted an update on Weibo which was then taken down quickly before anyone could see it saying that newer Moto devices will feature the ZUI from ZUK mobiles. Though we don’t have the post as a proof but an image which is termed as the screenshot of the same post is rumoring over the internet. This brings us to the point that there may be some confusions going all over but the chances are still there that Lenovo will shut down the company in favor of focusing on Lenovo’s other products.

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