Surprisingly, in the event at Disney’s gaming-focused D23 extravaganza happening this weekend, Lenovo present an augmented reality headset. The company AR headset is presented with the promotion of a game ‘Star Wars’. Lenovo promote Star Wars with AR as “Jedi Challenges.

It was a demo from the Lenovo that showed off to the public in this event and you will see the company augmented reality headset in all the stores of Best Buy, later on, the hardware using in the teaser of AR can be purchased from all related stores.

%name Lenovo introduces AR headset for the support of Star Wars

However, we are not aware of much information about the features and quality of the AR, as the Lenovo and Disney don’t reveal much about the AR headset. We can make assumptions about the headset until the official release.

From the released teaser, the headset is coming with a single pair of cameras so that the movement of the objects can be tracked easily.  The cameras can control the light sensors and reflect the objects with the smartphone display. The reflective lens didn’t allow users to see the images around the headset. Users have to compatible mobile for that support for the headset.

The company is working with Microsoft with a project of introducing mixed reality headsets. Google and Lenovo are also working for the smartphone based on the augmented technology. Share your views with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

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