With the world entering into a new era of Augmented Reality, Lenovo is prepared well to face the challenges. If you think the company only produces good quality laptops or some smartphones, you need to think again. Lenovo is rolling out an AR-based smart speaker, as announced in its recent event which is actually a virtual assistant and most interestingly, a smart vest for fitness tracking.

The All-New CAVA

‘CAVA’ is the first thing that we need to discuss. It’s a Virtual Assistant and if you are thinking about comparing it to Siri, Google Assistant, or Cortana, you need to raise up your level. CAVA can be compared to Samsung’s Bixby which can be a real challenge to it. To make it practical for everyday usage, Lenovo has introduced better options and they describe it as:

deep-learning based face recognition systems and natural language understanding.

Is CAVA Smart Enough?

%name Lenovo to roll out smart concept products including a fitness vest and an AR based headset

CAVA is said to be smart enough to add appointments to your calendar and remind you when they are due. It even suggests you the time when you should be leaving for the appointment keeping in mind the traffic conditions out there. Not only traffic conditions, CAVA also learns your habits and then suggests you accordingly.


To respond to your queries, your Virtual Assistant needs a speaker and that’s what we are talking about. This is much more than your regular Amazon Echo or Google Home device. It adds life to what you are listening to with the help of graphical visualization.


%name Lenovo to roll out smart concept products including a fitness vest and an AR based headset

Another part of the setup is the daystAR which acts as a standalone augmented reality headset. No need of connecting it to your smartphone or PC as DaystAR can superimpose the content over the real world.

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In addition, there are many other things including a fitness vest, called SmartVest which will help you achieve your fitness goal by learning your behavior and habits. In short, it is a full package that Lenovo has come up with so get ready to get your hands on them.