So, can we call that finally the best of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is out? Shall we believe that one of the all times anticipated and most awaited ZOL versions has reached us? Well there are few saying that if any of the recently played games left the most ‘shallow’ impact or impression; remains the  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, though there are others who are claiming that as anticipated, the ‘difference’ can be seen in the game on hand, being one of the decades-old attraction franchise.

There would have been countless people enthusiastically participating in the event taking place at the Nintendo Switch Premiere, UK recently whereby, the game in question purred along quite nicely. In general, playing the fresh ZoL on Nintendo Switch left majority of the players with the impression that there’s a lot of ‘oddly familiar’ environment; nothing changed a great deal.

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(Photo: Nintendo)

Apparently, the newest ZoL happens to be a ‘Wii U comparison’ game playing which will enable the users to understand what is the difference between the capability of “Wii U” and the “Switch” in reality? In other words, there are all the signs this ZoL having the features of a ‘definitive’ version. Those, who had experienced E3 demo, the older one build on Wii U may definitely agree with our opinion that the frame-rate at newest ZoL is obviously crisper, cleaner and smoother, especially in terms of visuals, whether docked or undocked. When in docked, the system provides/offers you the 900p resolution which guarantees a much gorgeous visual clarity.

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Kind of ancient-looking background of the game offers a wonderful view of a kingly volcano ruins in the distance while vast and lovely green field has a breathtaking overgrown knoll in the offering. The smoke-producing volcano seems to stand quite proudly, awaiting the players to launch their respective adventure. It looks really playful environment wherein one is seen stumbling across what can be described as an unwieldy large axe, hacking down the large trees and looking glad to having found not only some fresh apples but also one of the weapons he/she may require later; what if it’s in the form of a tree-branch.

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(Photo: Nintendo)

Next, you find a very useful set of bow and arrows, from the abandoned-looking campsite you step into. It’s is quite obvious that in the present ZoL, players find out more weapons, meted out at a much faster time including small-sized swords, a practice stick some other lighter weapons etc. However, till the recovery of your target i.e. the ‘Legendary Master Sword’ the player(s) the ranged tools are still being acquired like in past.

In Breath of the Wild, one can either spend his/her time exploring random sites or corners or can opt to focus on going to the objective straight; if wanting more, keep on exploring the enchanting world of ZoL or search through the dungeons, choice is yours.

Things the players used to do essentially in previous ZoL games are certainly presented in better and easier way now and one can now see or notice things; that never existed before. We may conclude that graphics and presentation of a lot of other features has certainly improved now.

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