More games continue to pour in as the Tokyo Game Show kicked off overnight. Those who followed the event noted that numerous new games were announced and ‘Left Alive‘ was the game by Square Enix which captured the show. Categorized under the survival/action shooter tag, Left Alive is a masterpiece by the director of From Software’s Armored Core games. The character design department was looked after by Yoji Shinkawa and the game will go live in the next year.

The Trailer

TGS hosted a small trailer of the game online which shows concept aircrafts carrying giant mechs to a ruined city. Both PC and PlayStation 4 players will get the game via Steam. Unfortunately, Square Enix has kept Xbox fans out of this excitement. The trailer that you see here shows the characters designed by Yoji Shinkawa who was previously a part of Kojima Productions.

lakmapg0jrqecnhdnch9 Trailer Update: Square Enix shows up with its upcoming project, Left Alive at the Tokyo Game Show
Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the exact date of game’s release and detailed gameplay. So, let’s hope that this game will also be Square Enix’s big hit as the company has been great in the past.

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