Undoubtedly, Google Photos is an amazing free service that provides you cloud storage for your photos and videos. Upon calling, the backup generated at the backend is always there to help you. But Google Photos is something more than just an online storage cloud. There are some features of Google Photos that make it stand out and prove it to be the only option for you look upon while you search out for the best Photos gallery options that you have.

pic 42 Want to upload Animations from Google Photos to your Instagram account? Heres how you can do it on your iOS and Android devices

Best Looking Features Of Google Photos

In addition to many other features, Google Photos is based on a very smart way of machine learning as it can intelligently identify people, things, and places. Despite Apple being a tough competitor to Google, the company has made the Google Photos available on both Play Store and Apple App Store. In addition to the detection feature, Google Photos has got another cool feature named “Assistant” that is basically a card-based panel. The company has made the Assistant to:

  • Create animations using batches of burst photos
  • Show the status of your backup
  • Automatically create “movies” based on related video clips

Talking more about the animations, this is one of the best features of Google Photos that is used to create animations by manually selecting between 2-50 photos. Though there are many other options to create a GIF file out of your burst photos but the end result for Google Photos is just amazing. Besides, why look for a 3rd party app when you can have the feature in your Android device’s default Photo viewer. Now what appears to be the problem is the sharing of GIF animations that you just created on Instagram. This is only possible once you convert the file into a video.

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Method For iOS Users

If you are an iOS user, you can convert the GIF into video with the help of GifLab.

  • Select the animation that you want to convert by typing its name in the search bar of the app Select the one that you want to convert by tapping on it
  • Now tap the “•••” button on the upper right corner of your screen
  • Now select the “Download” option to save your GIF
  • Now open the GIFLab app and tap at “GIF to Instagram”
  • Now adjust the playback speed of your selected GIF and hit the “Save and share on Instagram” option

Method For Android Users

Being on the Android platform is always easier than the iOS.

  • Simply select your desired animation GIF from the Google Photos app and share it through the share icon in the lower left corner of the screen
  • Now from the list given, tap Instagram because that’s where you want to share it
  • Now a built-in feature will take you to the Instagram upload page automatically where you can see the appropriate filter for it and hit the share button


  1. This doesn’t work for me! When I download the animation onto my iPhone, it saves as one photo and not a gif. If I download it on my Macbook it saves as a gif, but GIFLab is not available for MacBooks!