The most common talk around the gaming world is the new upcoming RDR2 and all they want to look for a piece of solid information, if the storyline of RDR2 is going to be a prequel or it’s going to be a sequel. A sequel might happen, not just on speculation nonetheless because of couple of hints but because of how the story end’s in the previous RDR.


Let me tell you what I know and of course they are spoilers.

Okay! so, this news isn’t a press release or something but what I’m about to tell you is the news which has been on internet for a while. And yeah when it comes to stalking RDR2 fans are much more than that, they always look around for some true information.

2 19 Leaks & Rumors –  Red Dead Redemption 2; ACTORS HINTS AT PREQUEL

It began when on IMDB page of Red Dead Redemption 2, a voice artist named Matt Bradford did something that he shouldn’t have. His online resumé say’s that he has done a motion capture for Dutch. Which suggested that Dutch isn’t alive any longer and of course it was removed right away.

1 7 Leaks & Rumors –  Red Dead Redemption 2; ACTORS HINTS AT PREQUEL

This suggested that the game is going to be a prequel. Soon as the information was discovered on the GTA forums about the actors resume which was removed and why they removed it was that the Rockstars want to stop any leak and information on this.

1 8 Leaks & Rumors –  Red Dead Redemption 2; ACTORS HINTS AT PREQUEL

A few days ago a user called Neudd on the GTA forums posted some really interesting information on who may be the voice actors for the main characters in the Red Dead Redemption 2. He has done some really good work here, check his page out. And stay with us for more news and updates on Rockstar Game “Red Dead Redemption 2”. The release date has still not confirmed yet. But it is expected to be released this fall.

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