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Leaked specs of Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus – Does Lenovo offer yet another product and not a flagship?


Leaked specs of Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus have featured the device as just another product and not a flagship.

MWC 2017 that is scheduled to take place next month is indeed a platform where all tech giants from mobile world will display their performance. However, time to time leaked and rumoured information about various products are indeed escalating the curiosity instead of killing it.

The recent information about Lenovo Tab 3 Plus leaked online once again takes gadget lovers by pleasant surprise. Its attractive specs stands the product among the very few that are famous for wonderful entries.

It is rumoured that the tab houses 8-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels, which is similar to Google’s Nexus tablet. The latter however showcases 7-inch display.

A considerably powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 will run the system with 2.0 GHz, with a support of 3GB of RAM that aligns it among good mid-range devices. The storage capacity 16GB though is not much promising, it is hoped it will be a choose-able option among others. The  battery support for the device lies around 4250 mAH. Fortunately, it has been garnered with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and GPS access.

The storage can be expanded upto 128GB with a support microSD card. The device seems suitable for those who are to deal in limited scale tasks; entertainment or other commitments.

The device features 8 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel selfie. Android has cast its spell by providing support of Android 6.0.1. Marshmallow with imminently possible update of Nougat 7.0, as consumers would have addicted to it by the end of 2017 to regard the other as obsolete. The device houses Dolby Atmos speakers with remarkable IP52 dust and water resistance, of what level we do not know.

The above discussed specs became public through Geekbench testing report, which show almost absolute resemblance with the leaked specs aired last year.

The Tab, which is likely to be unveiled at this event, might be tagged with more than 150 euros in Europe, as per leaked information.

Interestingly, the price margin seems very reasonable and compatible with the hardware it offers and aims for a budget end of the market.

Reportedly, the device is not a flagship, rather just another device by the brand. Like other Lenovo’s models, it will be equipped with Wifi and LTE features, and with a choice range of two colours: silver and a blue variant.


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