Good news for those not having any desire to spend a fortune

Not while ago there were news all around the internet about Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL, however the gossips as of now has began about the Google new cellphone. The recent reports revealed some insight into Google’s upcoming cell phone, yet it is based on the only one source, so we just can’t consider this as true. Besides we’ll be discussing both of the Pixel 2 models, because news is that Google will again launch two models of their upcoming smartphone this year.

According to the rumors Pixel 2 will have a far superior camera than the first, because Google is apparently working on their camera to capture good pictures at low-light photography. The camera will have less megapixels though, however it will have other additional features. The previous Pixel’s model cellphone camera was a plus point for Google, which made it obvious that this upcoming model will keep the crown.

Nokia Logo AH1 1600x899 1 Leaked News: Google’s Pixel 2 Will Have a Cheaper and Premium Model As Well
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As per previous rumors that “Pixel 2 will be a water proof cellphone“, but it’s not 100% confirmed yet and it seems like Google is not certain about embracing this feature. Despite the fact that each and every huge lead companies will use this in their upcoming smartphones this year, and that would be an absurd thing to ignore it once more.

With respect to the cost of the upcoming Pixel cellphone, we’re informed that Google is anticipating relatively a $50 rise in cost.

Less Pixel Less Price

And with respect to the other model “Pixel 2B,” we’re told this gadget will be fundamentally less expensive in the event that it ever really releases. Similar to the case with whatever remains of the subtle elements we’re sharing today, even so, these rates are liable to change.

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