G6 will feature Google Assistant, dual cameras and a New Square Mode.

LG probably has got something tremendous for G6 camera, as frequent teasers have generated much curiosity. It is guessed that since the company is carrying out considerable financing on this smartphone, its cameras must be outstanding in particular.

Screenshot 4 4 Latest G6 teaser promises Google Assistant and New Square Mode   as if LG is robbing the market of others this time!

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What we witnessed in the earlier teasers was the dual camera configurations on the rear side, where images were shown to be snapped in wide-angle form by just one lens.

This time, yet another format of the camera has been teased, which  houses a New Square Mode that can immediately give you the preview of your photo.

It can be concluded on the basis of comments from various platforms that the new feature is not only a technical innovation but also a very friendly feature that is likely to save your time when you intend to snap your images immediately.

However, one must not be confused when he/she sees two rather one square mode – the top square and the bottom. The earlier will act like your cell phone’s viewfinder, while the bottom facilitates you with the image preview screen.

Screenshot 5 4 Latest G6 teaser promises Google Assistant and New Square Mode   as if LG is robbing the market of others this time!

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Let’s have a practical demo of how to benefit from the two screens.

When the shutter button is pressed in the square mode, the bottom screen will preview your image without switching the camera app.

Similarly, when it is needed to use the viewfinder, one must not have to switch to preview screen, as your smartphone is letting you see both of them simultaneously.

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Should we expect its announcement at MWC 2017?

Of course we should.

The cellphone is very likely to be made public during this MWC 2017. Likewise, it is also rumoured that it might feature a support for wireless charging technology, duly certified (IP68).

Another hearsay tells that like other modern smartphones of the market, it might feature Google Assistant, in addition to other popular applications and updates.