To some, cars are necessity, to some they’re status-symbol while there are those too for whom; cars are passion, a craze. When it comes to luxury cars, SUVs are the vehicles one cannot stop expecting more of, demanding more of. Range Rover Velar is the newest member of ever-growing Land Rover Family and the 2018 Suave is a stylish SUV; yet another symbol of ultra-masculinity.

Gerry McGovern Land Rover Family Growing Even Bigger: 2018 Model Range Rover All Set To Emerge; Named Range Rover Velar

Not all the sport utility vehicles (or suburban utility vehicles) fall in the category of true luxury vehicles as some are classified as simple light truck or station wagon while others are considered ‘family vehicles.’ When there’s a Land Rover involved, that however, changes the entire concept of a true SUV. Following a Feb. 22 teaser, the company fulfilled its promise and now we know almost every detail relating to 2018 Range Rover.

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The details were officially announced on March 1 and the same give us an understanding that it won’t take long for the Range Rover Velar to finally capture the limelight. It would be the fourth member added to the company’s Range Rover lineup of vehicles, being a stylish addition to SUV category, suggest the details just revealed.

The Velar: How Its Different From Other SUVs

As far size, the 2018 Velar will comfortably fit in between Range Rover Sport and the Compact SUV, Evoque. RR Sport falls in the mid-sized SUVs category while the later one happens to be a small, ‘Crossover’ vehicle. The Velar, we learn has the similar platform, on which the Jaguar F-Pace was manufactured and beyond doubt, its distinct style is simply unbeatable one, a very much its own. This British Class Vehicle has got everything to maintain the typical Range Rover essence; thanks to the design and other characteristics it possesses.

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R R Velar Land Rover Family Growing Even Bigger: 2018 Model Range Rover All Set To Emerge; Named Range Rover Velar

If Land Rover’s Chief Design Officer stated “The Velar’s gonna change everything,” Mr. Gerry McGovern was very right. Sharing his views at the time of Velar introduction, Gerry further described that what this ‘avant-garde’ brings; is elegance, modernity and newer glamour dimensions.

Some Features

  • Flat – folding door handles
  • Copper detailing
  • Sleek LED headlights
  • 10-inch touch screens (inside the chassis, controlling climate)
  • A mounted display (digital odometer) on the windshield
  • Spacious
  • Reported to arrive in following three variants; each being equipped with ‘eight-speed’ automatic gear transmission:
  1. 180 HP 2.0 liters Ingenium (diesel-powered engine)
  2. 247-horsepower Ingenium (gas-powered engine)
  3. 380-horsepower 3.0-liter V-6 (gas engine)

Launch Plans

There’s quite an array of both technical aspects and other features coming with the Velar, which the company plans to launch in months-time now, initially in the US; with only 500 customers to lay their hands, being a limited ‘First Edition’ pack.


The price of the Range Rover Velar, confirm the reports may start from $49,990 and is likely to rise up to $89,000; when the First Edition arrives.