Kyocera is Japan based mobile phones producing company.Which is considered as leader in production of washable phone. Currently company has launch two of it’s washable phone the latest version is rafre.

rafre 1 800x420 Kyocera launches its second washable phone rafre it is water proof ,soap proof and washable germs free phone
Kyocero washable phones

The phone will be officially launched in March 2017.The phone will be available in verity of colors, pale pink,Blue and clear white.

Kyocera is not popular smartphone brand other than Japan. Well it is almost unknown to the United States but the company has made a headline by creating washable phone in 2015.This is water proof and shock proof device first launched at AT&T. It is a mid range smartphone but capable of surviving water and hot water or soap, full HD camera with wide angle.

Kyocera unveil it’s first Washable smartphone “Digno Rafre”

kyocera named the first version of washable phone as “Digno Rafre” this is  an entry level device

  • 5-inch display,
  • 2 GB of RAM,
  • 16 GB of internal storage,
  • 13 MP camera,
  • 3,000 mAh battery,
  • powered by Android 7.0 Nougat, but not the main selling point of the Rafre.

This perfect phone to take with you outside while traveling. Because it has hot water resistance and soap resistance. This gives best option to wash out the outdoor germ and keep your phone healthy.

The Second Washable Smartphone Of Kyocera “Rafre”

This the second version of washables phones by Kyocera this has not been released at yet,company has made an curiosity among the potential customers. Both of the washable phones are foam resistant and water even hot water resistant. The second one comes with body soap resistant you can simply take you phone to shower or bathtub. The touch screen of phone remains function even when it is under water or wet.

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How smartphone functions water resistance:

The water proof resistance created by smart Sonic Receiver, these cover the holes of phone when it comes under water which finish the need of holes earpiece and speaker. Instead of earpiece sound is shifted to ear through vibration on screen.

kyocerarafrecooking Kyocera launches its second washable phone rafre it is water proof ,soap proof and washable germs free phone

The other main feature of phone is it has cooking assistant which brows recipes and allow user to pick call with a motion of hands with out even touching the phone.

Release and availability of Rafre:

Rafre will probably be release in March in three colors pink, white and blue.The market coverage of kyocera is very limited it will be probably launched only in Japan on KDDI network.