Kodak used to be a famous camera manufacturer throughout the world but it got buried beneath so many new technologies flooding in every day. But the newest news has brought a smile on the faces of those who loved Kodak cameras as the company has announced a smartphone camera named ‘Ektra.’ Has Kodak manufactured the camera only? No! There’s a whole smartphone attached to it. This may sound funny but actually, the Kodak company is famous for its cameras and focusing more on the camera is justified. Still, you can use the bunch of apps pre-loaded in it which remind you that it is actually a smartphone.

pic 277 Kodaks all new Ektra hits the US market   The smartphone camera has poor ratings history in Europe already

Ektra For USA

The company has launched Ektra for the USA this time and has priced it to $400. If you are aware of the camera capabilities of Ektra, you’ll definitely know the worth of this smartphone. Though it is a complete smartphone with almost all those features of a smartphone, still, this will be the first priority for the photography enthusiasts and it even looks like a camera in your hand.

pic 278 Kodaks all new Ektra hits the US market   The smartphone camera has poor ratings history in Europe already


While expressing his views about the smartphone, Kodak’s director of content marketing, Joshua Koon said:

We wanted it to be true to the essence of the Kodak brand. A 125-year-old brand with as many iconic products as we’ve launched, we wanted this to really feel like a Kodak product, so we’ve been working on it a while and we’re really excited to be bringing it to the states.

Ektra’s Unimpressive History

On the dark side of the picture, we can see the poor ratings given to it by the European users because of the badly-colored and blurry pictures. The company actually launched it in the Europe before America and it was not a good experience for them. Talking about the capabilities of the camera, it packs a 21 MP front camera and 13 MP back camera. Despite the bad ratings, some financial experts claim that Kodak can keep the wheel running with Ektra’s sale.

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