We hear a lot of  talk about how people state one of the operating systems better or worse. May be some of them are right in their saying, but essentially, they don’t actually know what they are talking about. If you think your Android device is not good and you should switch to a iOS device, that may not resolve your issue. You should actually acquire some knowledge about the differences in the Android and iOS operating systems. There are differences which is a matter of fact and we can’t deny. But, it does not make any of them better or worse.

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The most common problem which the usual portable devices face is the capacity of RAM. In short, RAM defines the working ability of a smart phone. The function of RAM allows the processor to act quickly and to switch from one process to the other without hesitations and interruption. Since, most of the smart phones are of limited size, a very small difference in the RAM size can make a big difference in the ability of work of the device. Also, the compatibility of RAM with other system specs is a factor which effects the load time and alters the system performance.

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The difference of RAM size surely a factor, but the management system of the two operating systems is also a factor. Gary Sims defines the phenomenon by comparing the two devices with Android and iOS operating systems. Comparison found that iOS uses more RAM when it is started while Android requires less of the same. In actual, a good operating system requires less Free RAM to access data and other things. The cache storage in any of the operating systems has quite the same function. In any of them, the system always use RAM to store and relocated data which is in use and it works quite in the same way in Android and iOS devices.

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