A good day comes for all those “The Walking Dead” fans as Overkill reveals a bunch of new details about the upcoming title. The title is actually a four-player game with an online multiplayer FPS mode.

Here’s what Overkill game producer Saul Gascon has confirmed regarding the game:

There’s [a lot] of weapons in the game. We have 45 weapons and then around 200 mods to modify the guns. This is very important because we want you to feel that you’re trying to survive. We want you to choose how you get your weapons and you can add a lot of mods to modify it.

Different weapons are good at different things. You can actually find weapons throughout the levels and if it’s extracted, it becomes part of your inventory. So we really want players to feel rewarded for playing.

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Tidbits from the stream

  • No microtransactions Cosmetic outfits confirmed, won’t be monetized
  • No crazy cosmetic outfits and will always stay canon
  • Closed beta confirmed for October 9 on PC, must pre-order to get in (open beta won’t happen)
  • Walkers are an “unstoppable tide,” aren’t meant to be fully eradicated
  • Gamers have to use teamwork to survive 45 weapons in the game, about 200 weapon modifications confirmed
  • Stealth is encouraged to collect materials
  • Doors can be barricaded, obstacles can be built to slow down walkers
  • Looting environments is extremely important, mats are used to craft items to aid in survival
  • Grant (character) can mark enemies for teammates to take out–marked enemies take extra damage
  • Guns can jam and stop working to keep tensions high
  • Main story confirmed
  • New weapons can be found on the map, players have to explore to find them
  • Two game modes: scavenger/exploration and a defend mode
  • Can be played solo
  • Cross-over confirmed, show characters likely to come over (possibly Telltale)
  • Noise attracts enemies
  • Make too much noise and the Horde Meter will attract a huge swarm of undead Walkers and human enemies have “alert levels” above their heads–suspicious, fully alerted, etc Every mission “run” is unique and randomized
  • Melee attacks take stamina Gamers will spend quite a bit of time fortifying areas, interacting with environments, and preparing for battle
  • Every character has special abilities that complement each other, Marksman, Healer, etc
  • Crafting is a big part: collect items/resources/materials to make bandages to heal HP Human enemies drop ammo, but it’s limited
  • Different “weapon families,” ie Aiden’s baseball bat is good at crowd control (machete, fire axe and pickaxe also confirmed)
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Characters and Abilities

  • Grant (Marksman): Can mark enemies on player’s HUDs, marked enemies take extra damage
  • Heather (Scavenger): Can detect nearby items for puzzles and materials for upgrades, resources, etc
  • Maya (Healer): Can heal other players in battle


Overkill’s The Walking Dead is due out on November 6, 2018, on PC, and has been delayed to February 2019 on PS4 and Xbox One. A closed beta will be held next month on October 6 exclusively for gamers who pre-ordered.