At CES 2017, Kingston has launched a Flash Drive With 2TB that is not higher than my PC hard drive, beat that huh!

In case you’re continually attempting to stockpile every one of the information you need and you don’t prefer movable hard drives for any purpose, then cheer up man there is now a flash drive that has recently announced at the CES 2017 that can hold almost all of your data than your PC can.

4 21 Kingston Has Launched The Highest Capacity USB Flash Drive With 2TB At CES 2017 – Officially The Worlds Highest Capacity USB Flash Drive Ever
You can now carry your data around with you in your USB that you can carry in your pocket. Image Source: Kingston

Storage Device Manufacturer Kingston launched the Ultimate GT USB, that has the capacity to hold 2TB of data at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Here’s what people call USB Flash Drive as: USB memory, USB stick, Thumbnail drive, Data Sticks.

This USB of Kingston that is sufficiently huge, you can save the whole stuff of your hard drive, the full collection of your Music, Movies, family photographs or even erotic stuff that you probably need at the weekends.

The 2TB USB drive is made for special users as well, gives you high speed copying or transferring the data taking less time, It can also store a 4k Movie up to 4200 minutes. The design of Kingston Ultimate GT is made in excellent quality, it also comes with shock prove technology which will protect your data from damaging.

Kingston Officials said via source that “It will give enthusiasts a new experience while moving their data”

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