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Kingdom Hearts III to be released with cuts in 2018 – Trailer to be shown at E3 this year


While we all want the Kingdom Hearts III to be as good as it can be and to be an awesome experience and all the rest of it, a lot of us just want the game to release. Because while we only have the reveal a few years ago in E3 and it has been absolutely far too long since the last number title in series.

A lot of gamer’s just wants Kingdom Hearts III to close off Sora’s story and specially since the game is looking so good in all the screenshots and trailers and stuff that has been on the internet.

According to some new rumors which are circulating online the game was supposed to be revealed last month but Square Enix made the arguably wise decision to delay the reveal of the trailer to E3 where we will see the game being showcased. The sources are apparently reliable.

Tetsuya Nomura spoke on both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 7 remake recently, he alluded to the fact that Kingdom 3 isn’t coming out anytime soon and a lot of people were shocked by hearing this news. So, it seems we are going to be getting it next year. It seems that the team are going to have to make some cuts in order to make that happen.

But they should take time and not rush and delays are better than the unfinished product but just because something is cut doesn’t necessarily mean the game is going to be unfinished, it really depends what the content is so, we are going to wait and see. Anyhow a lot of us are excited for a prospect of a new trailer at E3. Obviously take all the rumor this is not confirmed not official sources specially because it’s regarding Kingdom Heart 3 and no one knows anything about this game even though it supposes to be coming out next year.I

Every one is just looking forward to it so the Square Enix showcase at E3 could potentially be quite interesting, we’ll have to wait and see.


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