We have started receiving the creative outcomes of the Comic-Con 2018 as the director behind Kong: Skull Island and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie, Jordan Vogt-Roberts has decided to partner with IGN for the upcoming Zelda project.

The Legend of Zelda Game You Fell in Love Zelda Movie: Jordan Vogt Roberts is partnering with IGN for the upcoming Zelda project.

A Zelda Movie

Vogt-Roberts has come up with some details regarding the movie. Roberts says:

The thing about Zelda is Zelda is not Lord of the Rings, right? You cannot forget how quirky and bizarre Zelda is.

I think you need to find a way to actually fuse the traditional Zelda and the very new Zelda. Combing the pure just sort of fantasy of The Ocarina of Time and The Link to the Past with the newer pseudo-tech stuff.

About the direction of the movie, Vogt-Roberts told IGN:

I actually fully think Link should not speak the entire film. I would do a film where he’s a silent protagonist.

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