Jide’s new remix uniqueness

Jide’s new remix uniqueness is a plug and play system you can connect your mobile through cable and you don’t need any software for it just can play by the cable, so if you want to turn your computer to the new remix OS powerful machine. Remix OS is already it is available on pc through downloadable image that can be installed to your computer. Or can also be installed by the USB and flash drive that can be connected to your computer. Now there is no need to install the OS in your computer or laptop  You can simple dock your phone to the computer and download in it and will be a plug and play OS remix version.

Office 01  1 .0 Jide’s New Remix Uniqueness OS Is A Plug & Play
Image source: Jide’s new remix uniqueness

More Updates

uniqueness is about to launch this summer at the end but it not reported exactly from the company so may be in June to end of the August, but once when it goes on air it can be use with your laptop and desktop, and there is a TV mode in it to make it more advance and excited which function it to the big screen to make it more natural. But jide’s doesn’t mention any report like this that there will be a Tv function but there are some of it like Netflix, likely Hulu, and probably other streaming video applications that will allow you to watch movies and TV shows.

Beyond limits of the connection this app is specially use for your smart phone but now connecting with your desktop and laptop you can make your office and home life easy you can easily dock your office work from mobile to laptop or office to home and you can use uniqueness OS any where and Dock you mobile as well.

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Image source : uniqueness OS any where and Dock you mobile as well

In the marketing graphic there seems to be the real graphic you cab put your phone on but it isn’t clear whether or not this is something that Jide will actually sell or if it’s just there for the graphic, so connection of your device to the laptop or desktop may be very simple with the help of USB device or what ever suits your machine. Jide’s doesn’t showed any specific device in their reports about the connection that with which laptop or desktop machine to connect. So there is still no idea that how much wide is available for the devices.Moreover the detail will be there in the social media as soon as we are reported from the company.