NVIDIA’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Jensun Huang spoke to his audience in Tokyo, while speaking of the ‘NVIDIA DRIVE’. According to him, NVIDIA DRIVE is the future for autonomous driving software:

It will be a functional safe operating system, with incredible algorithms, and all kinds of applications built on top.


nvidia drive px xavier bosch Heres what you need to know about Xavier, the backbone of NVIDIA DRIVE

Xavier is the backbone of NVIDIA’s next-gen DRIVE platform which, at the same time, happens to be the world’s most complex system on a single chip. According to Huang:

Xavier is coming out of the fab and we can’t wait to put in the hands of car companies and roboticists all over the world.
With Xavier, applications will process sensor data from outside and within the car, using deep neural networks to deliver applications built on 360-degree surround perception coupled with eye tracking, gesture recognition, and natural language understanding.
The car is not just an autopilot but uses AI as a co-pilot to assist you and keep you safe.

In addition to the above-stated features, Xavier will warn the driver of potential risks and safety hazards surrounding the car, of which people used to manually take care of. It can even detect if the driver is feeling drowsy or distracted.

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