If you are still a fan of Bill Gates for his endless worth of assets, you probably need to have another look on the recently issued Forbes list of billionaires which states Jeff Bezos to be on the top.

bez04 ehigher res horizontal Amazons CEO, Jeff Bezos is topping the list of worlds richest persons with his $10 Billion monthly income!

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon has been ranked as the world’s richest person with an income of $230,000 per MINUTE. So why would he bother if he loses a briefcase of dollars on his way somewhere?

A Monthly Income of $10 Billion

The billionaire is earning a sum of $10 Billion per month. It isn’t difficult at all looking at the sales of Amazon all over the world. A $10 billion was added to Bezos’ net worth making it $120 billion in January. According to a Bloomberg report, Bezos has already hit the $129 billion figure by now, of which, $30.1 billion were made in the last 90 days.

The figure that he has earned in the last 3 months is also amazing because his total income was $35 billion for the year 2017. To add to your interest, Bezos is currently making 400% more than the average American worker makes in an entire year.

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