We have a bad news for those who were waiting for a Vega 11 GPU. As clarified by James Prior, Vega 11 is a solution for AMD Raven Ridge APUs with 11 Compute Units enabled. We have seen two mobile APU variants by AMD until now with 8 or 10 CUs (Vega 8/10 Graphics). So, the top tier Raven Ridge APU will be the chip with 11 Vega Compute Units.

DP9hyBnWkAAY9RD James Prior shows up explaining the (Ry)zen 2 and Vega 11 funda

AMD Gearing Up

AMD is gearing up for massive RX Vega production to enable retailers including OverclockersUK, to adjust the price accordingly. The provision of Vega chips to the partners has already started so that’s not an issue. The point to be noted here is that the AMD Ryzen 2 will use an AM4 socket.

James Prior’s Statement

Here’s the link to the complete video of what James Prior said while speaking of the use of the AM4 socket.

Future Plans

AMD is definitely looking forward to the compatibility for Zen+ and Zen2 with a simple BIOS flash on existing AM4 motherboards.

A leaked out image shows the benchmark results for AMD RX Vega - Image was discovered from the 3DMark TimeSpy's database