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Cross Platform support: Apple has decided to roll out iTunes for the Windows Store


It seems like all the tech giants have decided to work in a joint collaboration. A recent report showed that Microsoft Graph will provide ‘across the platform support’ for many of its services and now a news is wandering over the internet that Apple will be bringing its iTunes desktop app to the Windows Store.

Build Conference 2017

This year’s Build conference is surprising us again and again. The decision of bringing iTunes to Windows Store was also revealed in the same event when the Redmond team disclosed they had been working with Apple on this project since a long time.

With the iTunes added to Windows Store, it will be a surprise for many as it was missing since a long time.

The Other Side Of The Picture

While Microsoft is collaborating with Apple, they are forgetting their old relations with Google as they announced a ban of Chrome browser in one of their recently released OS for a targeted sector. This rude behavior by Microsoft may stop Google for producing a customized version of their browser for Windows Store as they did for iOS.

This Still Is A Big News

Aside from the Microsoft-Google rivalry, the iTunes addition is a very good addition and is being appreciated by many. Microsoft has been working for quite a long time to make its Store a primary choice for people but it could not happen. Now with such steps, the world may see a revival of Windows Store.


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