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It appears that Google has sorted out one of Pixel’s biggest issues

Google Pixel

A couple of weeks back we found out that Google recognized one of the most irritating problems with the Google Pixel, elucidating that the sound issues that some users encountered will be taken care of after a software update. That was great news for the owners that were affected by this as it implied the sound issues were not the result of any kind of equipment issue. Users complained of cracking and popping sounds when they listened through speaker or headphones. Google guaranteed a fix, without giving a launch date for the overhaul. Presently, it appears that Google may have effectively incorporated the fix in the February security upgrade that has as of now been launched but your phone might not play as loudly as it did before.

As Phone Arena says, there’s no mention of the bug in the overhaul’s change log, yet many individuals on Reddit are stating that the sound issues they’ve been encountering since first buying the phone have vanished after the installation of the new upgrade. In any case, don’t get over enthusiastic just yet: the static and popping sounds some Pixel users had an issue with are gone for several people. Others, in the mean time, are still affected by the issue, which appears to indicate that Google has not really sorted out the issue, and it might be only a coincidence.  The sound quality of the speakers is especially bad when the volume is set to its three highest levels, making a scratching, crackling sound.

The video underneath demonstrates a sound comparison before and after the overhaul. Unmistakably the sound contortion issue has vanished for this user, however Google has yet to report anything official on the situation.

If you haven’t overhauled your Pixel yet, you ought to do it immediately and hope that your phone’s sound playback issues are additionally gone.

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