When is the next GeForce series coming?

If you have this question in mind for a long time, you are probably not alone. But sadly, Nvidia isn’t interested in replying to this popular query. In fact, many of the journalists noted that NVIDIA wasn’t even ready to talk about the new series yet. To add salt to the injury, Jensen laughed off all the questions asked related to next installment in GeForce portfolio.

NVIDIA CEO Jen Hsun Huang The Big Question: When is the next GeForce series coming?

All those who attended the recent press conference were disappointed by Jensen’s approach. While he personally handed over the snacks to the attendees, there wasn’t even a single word on the notion of the journalists, the next-gen GeForce.

What Could Be the Plans?

Though Jensen didn’t sound obvious at all regarding the release of GeForce 20, he finished off with an interesting point. He said that he will invite all the journalists for the next GeForce release but that isn’t happening anytime soon.

While this gives some hope to the newbies the enthusiasts call it just another false hope.

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