The WannaCry Ransomware issue hasn’t been fully resolved till yet and another problem is gaining powers as more and more news pour in from the different organizations of the world, confirming the presence of a new Ransomware threat named ‘Petya Ransomware’. This Ransomware was first reported by the Ukranian government which claimed that an ‘Unknown Virus’ attacked their systems and the Ukranian Interior Minister also claimed it as the biggest cyber attack in the country’s history.

petya ransom note Petya Ransomware: A new threat to the computers all around the world

Other Victims of The Cyberattack

The cyber attack was not only confined to Ukraine and right after a few days, bigger countries and regions like Russia, Europe, North America, Australia were also in the list of victims. The attack is said to be a deadly one as it completely halts the activities of an organization and major companies including an airport and a major oil company has already fell victim to this attack. The cyber attack uses EternalBlue NSA exploit for Windows which has a track record of spreading destruction at the corporate level.

EternalBlue Petya Ransomware: A new threat to the computers all around the world

How Did It Spread?

The hackers disguised the malware as a Windows Update and distributed the ransomware to visitors via a drive-by-download of the malicious file. The ESET report shows the figures of the vast spreading virus in different countries percentage wise:

  • Germany – 9%
  • Poland – 6%
  • Serbia – 3%

Other Regions of The World Are Safe

As for the good part of the news, the same report shows that other parts of the world have been reported with less than 1% of the malware and are commonly expected to be safe. The most widely affected part of the world is Ukraine where 12,500 machines have encountered the threat. If we add up the total affected machines throughout the world, the figure does not go above the 16,500 mark.

Trend Micro reported cyber attacks caused loss around $4 billion across the globe

WannaCry is Still A Bigger Threat

While Petya Ransomware is getting the fame, WannaCry still remains a bigger threat to the world which alone made 45,000 attacks in 74 countries in the first 24 hours of its outbreak. In total, the malware affected around 300,000 computers around the world causing a lot of trouble even for bigger corporate organizations.