xbox one playstation 4 ps4 sign Is Microsoft laughing at Sony right now? Are people in Sony worried because of Xbox One X? [Detailed]

We have seen the console, we have seen the games that Microsoft is planning on for the next couple of months and let’s face it Xbox One X is a beast in terms of specs. It’s going to run all the games really nice and if you look at the games like Metro, or the Anthem or even Forza Motor Sport 7, all these 4k resolutions, 4k textures or graphical fidelity and stuff looks amazing especially Anthem which is the best looking game ever. The game is still in development and it will be released at the end of next year.

Graphics wise Xbox One X will deliver so, if you are looking for a console which is very powerful and play all the third-party games with the best textures, resolution and framerates then this is a game console for you. However, there’s one more thing which are games, now Xbox One and Xbox One X will get quite a lot of games within next couple of months. We are talking about first party exclusives and third party as well.

ac origins feature2 768x432 7 Is Microsoft laughing at Sony right now? Are people in Sony worried because of Xbox One X? [Detailed]

However, PS4 and PS4 Pro will have a much better lineup of games, more diverse. Microsoft on another hand did good with their games, they finally get their heads around the release date, they are doing something, they are delivering the games. It also looks like there won’t be any first half of the year games gap like we had this year. It’s all looking good but is it really enough to get Sony really kind of worried?

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We think it’s not really the case because first of all they have a huge lead over Microsoft and Xbox. 30 million consoles which is a lot, another thing is that at the end of the day the best-selling console for next at least couple of years/months is going to be PS4 or Xbox One S for both of the companies. This is the reason why Microsoft drop the price of the Xbox One S because they want to really compete with Sony on this front. They will rather try to beat and compete with Sony’s with lower price with Xbox One S not Xbox One X because this is the console for hardcore gamers.

ac origins feature2 768x432 8 Is Microsoft laughing at Sony right now? Are people in Sony worried because of Xbox One X? [Detailed]

From Sony perspective we think they are not worried about Xbox One X because at the end of the day, Xbox One X is going to appeal totally different consumers, mainly Xbox One, Xbox One S and maybe some PC gamers will also get Xbox One X because a lot of good feedback came from PC gamers, where they were saying that instead of buying $400 or $500 graphics card why not get Xbox One X.

The main battle between Sony and Microsoft is between PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, Xbox One at least for another year. So, Sony has too much advantage in sales right now, the seems to be pulling all the right strings with PS4 also PS4 Slim is still powerful than Xbox One S. Let us know what do you think about the competition, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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