AnchorFree, the company which host the Hotspot shield VPN and is known as the leader of users privacy and security protection, today revealed the Americans point of view according to internet usage as a ‘privilege or human right’. The company interviewed over 2,000 of US internet users to review about internet access and users privacy.

Happy man on laptop 600x400 Is Internet Access A Privilege Or Human Right? Two Thirds Of The American Think Internet Access Is a Privilege

The result it got at the end was that over two- third (almost 68% percent) of the American beliefs and voted internet usage as a privilege for American users while remaining 32% percent out of the total believes that using internet is a human right. Further, out of those 68% who voted internet access as a privilege 42% says that the Internet Services providers, ISPs are responsible for the privacy and security of the internet users, and those who believes internet access as a human right, 41% of the 32% says that the US government is responsible for protection of users security and privacy.

According to betanews;

“Our survey finds that the majority of consumers are concerned in the aftermath of the Federal Communications Commission’s rollback of internet privacy protections,” says David Gorodyansky, founder and CEO of AnchorFree. “At this juncture, it’s clear that neither government nor the private sector is taking responsibility for consumers’ online privacy. It now squarely rests on each individual to actively manage their own privacy.”

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Key survey finding includes:

  • Over 80% says that they are more concern with their safe security as thy were a year before.
  • 70% reveals that they are trying more best to protect their own security,
  • and only one out of four says ” I am responsible for my privacy and security”
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Thats all fr0m me, you can go through the full report on AnchorFree site or read some more here. And don’t forget to post your view in the comment box below.

Via: betanews