The IPhone is hardly praised for its battery life and lately, the IPhone 6s is has begun to show battery problems. When the device reaches 30%, it shuts off. The problem appears to have worsened with the new iOS 10.2 update. While the issue was with the IPhone 6s alone before the update, now it has spread to other devices as well. Apple introduced the new update about 2 weeks ago. Users are not able to downgrade either because Apple stopped signing the earlier versions. The update offered a lot of new features such as new emojis, new wallpapers, and updates for Apple TV and photos. Other updates and bug fixes have also been introduced for mail, music and messages. But if you are dealing with battery life issues and you have not updated it, then you might want to wait just a little bit longer. Other devices have also encountered similar problems after the update.

61 1 The IPhones battery gets worse with the iOS 10.2 update

One user said “Same here, iOS 10.2 actually made the problem worse. The battery percentage seems to get stuck at some level for a while, even with battery draining apps such as Pokemon GO running, then it drops different percentages at different moments, its really random.” But the problem does not seem to be a lasting one. The people that have updated their phones to the latest iOS update have said that it has slightly fixed their battery issue. It does not shut off at the 30% mark. Apple has promised a free battery replacement for all IPhone 6s users. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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