Apple in the case of iPhone X take some drastic decisions by introducing smartphone with out physical home button as the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The other reason could be the company want to introduce facial recognition feature for the unlocking of the smartphone, instead of the touch ID.

With the removal of the Physical home screen button, the next question comes to mind how will i take screen shoots? Apple remove the screenshot features with the removal of touch ID feature? The iPhone X comes with the physical home button, if you are wonder how it be taken a screenshot from iPhone X, then i will tell you the pattern to take screenshots.

iPhone X main 740x448 iPhone X has no physical home button, how will you take screenshots?

The any of the iOS smartphone device allows you to take screen shoots by holding Home button and power button together, but in the case of iPhone X where no Home button is present, you can take screenshots by holding power button and volume up key together. Hence you can take shoots of the display form iPhone X.

iPhone X Screenshot iPhone X has no physical home button, how will you take screenshots?

Apple change the design pattern for iPhone of the year, however, the company make some changing over the X variant when we talks about the user interface. Normally Home button helps you to home screen of your smartphone, you just hold the home button for a while, and you entered in the home display, and then you can move to other apps or menu.

By swiping up the until the center of the display or you can reach to home display by swipe down from the right hand side of the notch of the screen. Its difficult for a user to  properly swipe to the center, initially you might face some annoying issues, but later with that you will used to the feature. The iPhone X comes with more unique features as compare to the other ones variants iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

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