The recent report published by SensorTower revealed that iPhone users spend an average of 40$ on paid applications in 2016.

user data 1 iPhone User Spend An Average of $40 On Paid Apps In 2016

The report released the data of in-app purchases (IAPs) per device in 2016. It turns out that the average user pays 40 dollars a year for downloading premium applications for the device. In 2015 the average number was about $ 35.

Most of the revenue was generated from gaming category. 80 percent of the profit was generated by games, transferred to Apple developers in App Store. In U.S iPhone user spend an average of $ 27 per device, compared to $ 25 in 2015.

The specific and most downloaded App was the Pokémon Go. The game was launched last year and earned more than $1 billion in revenue, quicker than any app in the history and the fastest game ever to reach one billion profit.


user data 2 iPhone User Spend An Average of $40 On Paid Apps In 2016

The entertainment category apps record 130 percent increase in revenue. Apps like Netflix, HBO, Hulu and many other, gain significant revenue by paid subscription from $1.00 in 2015 to $2.30 in 2016. In video category, YouTube Red subscription increase from $0.30 to $0.70. The Music category revenue increases from $3.40 to $3.60 per device and the Social Networking category app grew from $1.80 to $2.

However, the overall number of apps downloaded by iPhone users decrease, from 35% of applications in 2015 to 33 % in 2016, which means that the amount of the profits was divided among fewer applications.

Android Vs iOS

Android users don’t spend much money on premium applications. The report published on AppsFlyer state, that on average, only 4.6 percent of Android users buy at least one application, compared with 7.1 percent of iPhone users.

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