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iPhone leaks: iPhone 8 blueprints show the phone has 3D camera sensors and a new design

iPhone 8 3D Camera Sensors

According to the report, Apple’s iPhone, 8 new leaks confirms two rumors from a highly credible resource, the one is Apple iPhone is coming with vertical dual camera setup. The Apple iPhone 8 is coming with an additional sensor on the front display. The other news confirms the latter feature by showing leaked images.

There are a lot of rumors about the iPhone 8. The smartphone is coming at the end of this year, but we have daily new rumors about the upcoming Apple’s most powerful smartphone. After the Steve Jobs, the company performs less experiments to innovate new about the iPhone as its users expected.1 of 4  

The company smartphone, iPad and Apple smart watches are lined up, but all these products are no more attractive in recent years.  iPhone 7’s custom ISP and the DCI-P3 gamut for the iPad functions are the key priority of the Apple users in the competition of the smartphone markets.

Designs about the iPhone has not been changed since the launch of the iPhone 6 to latest flagship iPhone 7 Plus. According to the report, the iPhone is still same by figuratively and literally. In this year Samsung Galaxy S8 series and LG G5 launched with beautiful displays and designs.

The Galaxy have, edge to edge, bezel free displays and missing the physical home button. The rumors about the iPhone 8, the smartphone will launch with different design and expected the smartphone will be present at the 10th anniversary of the Apple’s iPhone.

From the last leaks shared by the Venya Geskin with the factory drawing images. The images shows the iPhone is coming with the multi sensors. Most of the leaks suggest that the multi sensors are for the facial recognition feature.

According to the report, today leaked images shows the iPhone is missing with the front sensor. But the factory images of the device show the multi-sensors that are similar to the earlier leaked images. It is expected the multi-sensors are may be focused on the 3D camera. Apple also make some acquisitions in this year with the firms specialized in the 3D technology and experts in the LED displays.


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