The iPhone 8 is nowadays is the center of rumors, in which we are seeing that iPhone makers are promising lots of new upgrade feature. Next iPhone by Apple could have wireless charging feature. this means its battery can be charge anywhere without plugging the device into the socket. The iPhone developer has joined hand with company group called the Wireless Power Consortium, this is the biggest hint for iPhone fans that Apple is working on wireless charging technology. That give us the clue that any of the upcoming iPhone can be able to charge on an inductive place.

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Wireless charging of Apple mobiles would be a great reprieve from several jokes and critics about various adaptors used for charging the  Apple products. Samsung had already worked on this technology and give wireless charging pads with their Samsung galaxy s7 edge.But from the reports, it had suggested that Apple will not use the same technology which was used by Samsung’s Galaxy, Google’s Nexus and Microsoft’s Lumia, and develop new long-range wireless charging method for iPhones.

The survey was done by the Wireless Power Consortium in December 2016 on the user interest about wireless charging of mobile phones. About 90% of the 2000 users gave a positive response and consider wireless charging reliable, easy and safe to use.

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It is expected that iPhone 8 with wireless charging feature will be launch this year on the 10th anniversary of Apple company. With wireless charger, many more new changes will be made on the iPhone like it is expected that home button on the phone would be ditched and then iPhone will have the edge to edge display.  It is also to be noted that Apple company analyst Ming-Chi Kuo guessed in the previous week that Apple could release their different phones this year, phone with the 4.7-inch screen or a Plus model which have the 5.5-inch display and the last one is the high-end model. The high-end phone would have OLED screen. Let us know that what are your reviews about this iPhone rumor?

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