Everyone seems to be talking about Apple’s upcoming flagship smart device named iPhone 8 though the launch of the same is definitely going to take months’ time yet.

iphone 8 iPhone 8 has Wireless Charging Technology? Rumors Keep On Pouring In

Talk of the day is that more rumors are surrounding the dream phone even before its launch whereas the rumor mongers themselves are not sure what they exactly know about the device.

What we hear now is that iPhone 8 is coming with ‘Wireless Charging Technology’ and that Apple  management plans to develop the technology in question In-House.

Call them Leaks or call them rumors, apparently they have always been in pursuit of iPhone idea ever since the launch of iPhone 7. Now the word is out that imbibing wireless- charging is what Apple is looking forward to right now but to snub or dismiss this and likewise notions; a new report has emerged.

Since the iPhone 8 beyond doubt has become one of the most anticipated, awaited and wished smartphone right now, but these rumor factories help the phone to attain even unwanted attention.

It was through the courtesy very famous  Copperfield Research that first published a report, an analysis rather, suggesting Energous Corporation is NOT engaged with Apple, in developing any wireless method or technology. The speculative report however fails to maintain a solid stance ascertaining its assertion(s).

Rumors about iPhone 8 coming with Wireless Charging Facility got strength when it was revealed that iPhone 8 may have an all-glass design; facilitating capability of wireless charging. Later, reports of possibility of stainless steel-chassis started to spread; another sign of better support for wireless charging. In 2016, Apple approached the FCC for certification of a device, which had no name but was surely a ‘wireless device,’ revealed reports.

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The detailed fresh report makes it very clear that incorporating Energous’ technologies for developing iPhones with wireless charging features. Revelations of the Copperfield Research thus reduces the possibilities of Apples’ incorporating  a technology in its future smartest phone that is ‘Hazardous,’ Complicated’ and even ‘inefficient’ in the eyes of company’s own engineers.