CEO Tim Cook has frequently shared his enthusiasm for augmented reality interviews. Apple has yet to work on Augmented Reality to make its the competitive edge of the iPhone. It may prove the game changer for Apple.

iPhone 8 Release Date 766368 iPhone 8 to Get Augmented Reality Feature may be a game changer for the company in 2017

In a report by analyst Benzinga, Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowski reports that the forthcoming phone of Apple may have a great market share in Augmented Reality.

A key feature and engineering art of the iPhone the addition of 3D augmented reality which could enable a robust augmented reality (AR) feature and set the product at the top of the market. The 10-year anniversary iPhone is guessed to be an additional gift for the customers.

The key differentiation on the 10th anniversary:

The augmented reality feature in key differentiation in between the previous and new products but it does not give the whole information packet about the phone. Because there are various expected features are coming in next version of the smartphone. For example the removal of headphone jack and addition of wireless charging. There is another designing feature of glass penal. There have been three phones expected to come in 2017.

AR demos are always awesome but the jury is still out on how well gesture based interfaces like the one in this Hololens ad will work in all day applications 640x364 iPhone 8 to Get Augmented Reality Feature may be a game changer for the company in 2017
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In rumors is that a new engineering technology advancement that prevents the smartphone from overheating and wireless charging circuit. There is also a cost hype is expected may more than $ 1,000. In addition, users wanted a long battery life the demand is answered with another engineering approach of 4.7-inch iPhone 8 shipping out with a 2,700mAh cell

Apple takes a large step in the direction of wireless charging