Apple has prepared iPhone 8 with new features to take the lead at all smart phones of next generation. At the launch ceremony of iPhone 8, it will mark as the 10th anniversary of smart phones and that occasion is expected to celebrate at highest scale.

As per rumours, the unique features of iPhone 8 would give the breakthrough to the Apple and once again it gives the shocks to the competitors and generation that what a single phone can do. It will have curved OLED display (a radical design) likes Samsung Galaxy; Touch ID fingerprints sensor and front facing camera. It has biometric system to recognize the iris, facial and gestures expressions. It will look like a sheet of glass with feature of wireless charging. The edges of the phone will be responsive to the gestures of touch as well.

1 5 Apple Introducing iPhone 8; Their Next Generation 10th Anniversary Smartphone
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Apple iPhone 8 will have the feature of better and unique display with less usage of power. It will also be free of physical button of home and this feature is introducing first time only in iPhone 8.

The hardware of iPhone 8 which is Pliable and its unique display shows that Apple is having full concentration on competitors and generation. Apple is not neglecting the single feature while working from several years to produce the smart phone look like a sheet of glass and finally made.

It is also expected that the iPhone 8 will have a chip A11 of 10-nanometer, due to that it will be more efficient and speedy. Due to its improved camera of dual lens, the features of optical image stabilization will be available in the iPhone 8.

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