The anticipated launch of the IPhone 8 is making many wonder what the final product is going to look like. Even Apple cannot say for sure the kind of shape the final product will take on. Apple is apparently testing more than 10 prototypes.  The upcoming IPhone 8 is expected to be completely revamped. Next year will be IPhone’s 10th anniversary. The following features are a possibility in the IPhone 8.

  1. A curved screen that extends to the edges which means the iconic home button will be dropped
  2. It may be equipped with wireless charging which will allow it to charge through the air.
  3. It could go back to a glass and metal design similar to the IPhone 4 and 4S.

iphone 8 features IPhone 8 is reportedly going to omit their home button

How would you like the IPhone 8 to look like? Is dropping the home button a good move by Apple? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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