SK Hynix and Toshiba are the one of the NAND flash producers. From last few months the performance of the company is not earning its reputation due to the slower yield rates of NAND flash chips.

The apple relayed for its chips to both of the companies, However, due to the slow performance the company is planning to switch with the Samsung for its chips. Apple believes the Samsung will be compensated for the company loss. Samsung earned the revenue from its 1st quarter sales.

pic 186 iPhone 8 production is slowed down, Apple is suffering with a new problem of NAND flash chip

Apple is delaying the launch of iPhone 8. Samsung is planning to release Galaxy Note 8 before the release of the iPhone 8. The release of other smartphone in this fall is also one of the causes for delaying the iPhone 8.

The production of the iPhone is still in phase. Apple announced to release its flagship iPhone at the event of its 10th anniversary in this September. Perhaps, with sorrow, we will not see iPhone 8 in this September due to its delayed in the chips. Some of the analysis is expecting the release of iPhone in the coming year.

image iPhone 8 production is slowed down, Apple is suffering with a new problem of NAND flash chip

The iPhone 8 is coming with new features like fast wireless charging, the company is dealing for the OLED display for iPhone 8, The display is coming with narrow bezels. The company is working for the fingerprint sensors. The company is working in the face recognition system for its iPhone 8.

We are expecting iPhone 8 will be released in this year. But the company will earn from the both of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus. Other competitors are introducing a high end smartphone, the tech giant Apple has to work for the release of the iPhone to retain the customers. Share your views with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

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