The most circulating rumor about iPhone 8 is the new feature advanced laser sensors, a facial recognition technology.

Apple uses infrared laser based face detection technology:

This rumor has been born a few weeks ago after a research note from  Cowen & Company which reveals that the iPhone 8 will include some form of facial or gesture recognition supported by new laser sensor infrared technology near to the front facing camera. Apple last introduced a new technology the picked up Emotient which does not only recognize the face but also noted the facial expression and differentiate among the wide array of facial emotions. AppleInsider highlights a new from J.P.Morgan’s Rod Hall that the Apple is going to introduced an infrared laser technology.

iPhone 8 iPhone 8 may utilize 3D laser technology  not only face recognition but records veriety of gestures

3D laser technology:

It is 3D sensor new feature of iPhone’s next generation, it emits from a LED or laser diode a noise free light filter scan and a quick image sensor with the powerful signal sensor. Each of the additional features may face some installation difficulties which Hall Apple would be rectified and an expected cost increase is not more than three percent of original iPhone cost.

facial recognition data points iPhone 8 may utilize 3D laser technology  not only face recognition but records veriety of

This is unclear up till now that the Apple is really interested in installation of the new technology of 3D sensor or it will work on augmented reality to maintain the competitive edge of the company. The other plans of the company for technological advancements are Touch ID verifying user’s identity.

The expected flagship of the iPhone 8 is in February 2017 with the price tag of $1000 or little more than a thousand dollar.

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